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American raptors for sale
Canada raptors for sale
UK raptors for sale
Name:   Chad Mitchell
Posted:   1/17/2021
Location:   Niles, MI
Phone:   5748507364
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   Michigan

Due to change in work status, I no longer can fly my two male Harris Hawks and I am looking for a new home for them. They both are excellent birds, quiet at home and in the field, fly well alone or together, and they fly great with my dog. I have only flown them on rabbits and they both have caught several.

Male 1 is a 2020 hatch, flies around 720gm, is a Coulson bird, asking $750 obo

Male 2 is a 2018 hatch, flies around 680gm, is an Aimee Pico bird, asking $550 obo.

Located in Niles, MI

I would prefer local pick up, willing to meet a short distance, call or text 574-850-7364 for more infomration or questions
Siberian Female Goshawk cross North American
Name:   Mike Thorn
Posted:   1/16/2021
Location:   Ellicott City, Maryland
Phone:   (443) 250-6848
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   Maryland

First thing you must have a valid and current Falconry License. Please do not contact me unless you have it.

2020 Imprinted Female Siberian Goshawk cross with North American Goshawk. $3,000.00 Firm. A great Hunting Bird. Selling her only because I want to purchase something else. Hatched May 2020 raised by me. Pick up at my Home.

2021 Pure Gyrfalcons
Posted:   1/12/2021
Location:   Pinedale
Website:   www.gyrfalconranch.com
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   Wyoming

Pure Gyrfalcons available for 2021 hawking.

Our breeders represent the finest bloodlines available in the USA. Colors available should be classic white, silver and grey. Male and female gyrfalcons are the same price.

All eyasses will be produced from natural incubation and hatching under adult falcons.
Imprints available on special request.

CITES-registered for international sales and shipping, but prefer that these birds go to American falconers.

The clock is ticking on hawking sage grouse, so if pursuing this exceptional quarry is on your bucket list do not put it off.

Visit www.gyrfalconranch.com for more details.
Falconry Jerkin getting cut from the teame bye
Name:   kevin b Thompson
Posted:   1/4/2021
Phone:   14068602308
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   Montana

Second year Dark Jerkin for sale. Flown the last two seasons at Grouse, perfect manors, droned trained $5,000
Female Harris for sale 5 yr old
Name:   charles
Posted:   12/7/2020
Location:   lakeside
Phone:   858693 7314
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   California

Great bird mostly used for abatement.

Pick up in san diego only

Breeding Falcons for Sale
Name:   Steve Sherrod
Posted:   12/7/2020
Location:   Bartlesville
Phone:   918-397-4886
State:   Oklahoma

Breeding Falcons for Sale from Steve Sherrod. I am liquidating my last 7 breeder
gyrs and peregrines to coincide with retirement. Very fine stock, but priced to
go for best offer. Distant shots are phone pics of chamber birds in great shape
and described as below. I am requesting birds be picked up in person near Tulsa,
OK as cannot ship. Call 918-397-4886 for info.

1. 2011 white jerkin hat bird (gives 2-3 tubes semen twice daily in season.)
2. 2012 white jerkin hat bird (gives 1 tube semen twice daily in season.)
3. 2012 white female gyr (will copulate with mate; needs copulating male.)
4. 2015 imprint female peregrine (peale'sxcassinixanatum); first laid 2019
5. 2016 natural copulater female peregrine (peale'sxcassinixanatum-needs
copulating male
6. Breeding pair of peregrines-
2011 male peale's/2010 female peale'sxcassinixanatum produces two
clutches annually (4eggs/3 eggs)"KILLER Birds"females fly 32-38 oz and
males fly 21-23 oz
Name:   World Exotics Inc
Posted:   11/19/2020
Location:   Naples
Website:   www.worldexoticsinc.com
Phone:   239-774-5031
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   Florida

We have 2 pairs captive born NEW BLOODLINE.

Please email for more information.

Thank you
World Exotics Inc.
Naples FL
2013 imprinted red napped shaheen female
Name:   Vahe
Posted:   10/10/2020
Location:   Wyoming
Phone:   818-517-8669
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   Wyoming

2013 imprinted Female red napped shaheen, Has laid last 2 years. $2000.00 firm, non mbta ( migratory bird treaty act) bird, can be owned without any federal permits. Text or call 818-517-8669 buyer pays for shipping and crate, plus $150 to deliver to nearest airport (4.5 hours away Salt Lake City, 9 hours round trip), or pickup in person at no additional cost.
Year old Harris hawk for sale
Name:   Nick Meixler
Posted:   9/23/2020
Location:   Phoenix , AZ
Website:   Desertkingsfalconry.com
Phone:   9282427209
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   Arizona

First thing you must have falconry license.
Please don't call without falconry license.
We are selling our year old captive bred Harris hawk. We bought him from falconer in Cali who pulled at 8 weeks so he does like scream. But we have worked with him and he has gotten a lot better. Caught rabbits and pigeons with him but put him up for summer to molt. He needs a good falconer who can really work with him and Noise isn't a issue. Looking to get $250.
Must come and up. If you need me to drive and meet you somewhere half way must pay my gas.
Gyr/Peregrine tiercel.8 years old.Blind in one eye
Name:   Paul
Posted:   9/17/2020
Location:   BALTIMORE
Phone:   4432861803
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   Maryland

Gyr/Peregrine tiercel.8 years old.Blind in one eye