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American raptors for sale
Canada raptors for sale
UK raptors for sale
Eurasian Eagle Owl Female
Name:   Corey Dalton
Posted:   11/20/2023
Location:   Sparks
Phone:   (775) 219-8724
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   Nevada

Alice is a 3.5yo EEO. She does great with holds and pictures and will fly to the glove for food. Friendly to strangers and can be held easily. She has done very long event days. Weighs 6lbs. $4500 plus $200 for shipping. Will deliver within 250 miles of Reno for $100 gas for the round trip. Great bird, I just don't have time anymore. I have lots of pictures.
Eurasian eagle owlets
Name:   Tom Stala
Posted:   11/9/2023
Location:   Syracuse
Phone:   3152970823
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   New York

Taking deposits now for the 2024 hatch of Eurasian eagle owls. These owlets are hand raised from the day they hatch. DNA sexed. No federal license needed to own one of these owls. Text or call for more information. Tom 1(315)297-0823
shipping available
"Luna" 1.5 Year old female Eurasian Eagle Owl
Name:   Mark Rosenthal
Posted:   11/3/2023
Location:   Belleville
Website:   www.iwantanimalmagic.com
Phone:   (313) 819-5719
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   Michigan

"Luna" is a 1 1/2-year-old giant Eurasian eagle owl. She's a DNA sexed female we hand raised. She's been used in educational performances all over the country, and she's even been on TV a few times! We haven't handled her since she performed at a wedding last year, when we decided to use her as a breeder. Since we can't find a male, we are looking to find her a permanent home at a zoo or educational facility.
Luna is extremely easy to work around, and anyone can go into her enclosure. This is not a house pet. Pick up is in Belleville Michigan or we can ship at your expense. We are only asking $4500 or best reasonable offer.
Name:   tim dobbs
Posted:   11/2/2023
Location:   Odessa
Phone:   4323521968
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   Texas

eurasian eagle owl. female born 2021. very tame and flies to the glove. trained by a master falconer. text me for photos $4,000 432 352-1968
Male and female Harris hawk available
Name:   Gino Morrialle
Posted:   10/31/2023
Location:   Crestline
Phone:   7609560466
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   California

I have a male and a female Harris Hawk, which are almost 16 weeks old. These birds are chamber raised. And drop shoot fed

Trained freeflying Kingvulture
Name:   Joseph Carvalho
Posted:   10/11/2023
Location:   Lotus
Website:   Carvalho‘s Friends Of A Feather, Inc.
Phone:   5309030231
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   California

Has been performing in large crowds daily for years at Busch Gardens, Tampa, and Jungle Island Miami, very seasoned performer, and perfect feather $25,000
Eurasian eagle owl.
Name:   Joseph Carvalho
Posted:   10/11/2023
Location:   Lotus
Website:   Carvalho’s Friends Of A Feather
Phone:   5309030231
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   California

7 1/2 year Eurasian eagle owl, I believe it's a male according to his size. He was hand fed, but has not been handled so he tends to be skittish unless you bring his weight down, and he will come and eat out of your hand a couple of broken Flight feathers other than that healthy and good condition. $2300
Eurasian Eagle Owl
Name:   Glen
Posted:   10/8/2023
Location:   N. Augusta
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   South Carolina

2019 Eurasian Eagle Owl Female. She would be a good breeding prospect for trying to set up this Autumn. She will sit on the fist or perch but she isn't always steady on the fist, and sometimes will bait if started. I have used her at a few shows. She would need more consistent work and probably would do best when not having to travel to venues. She is silent doesn't beg or call out for food, and will take food from the glove. She is silent unless she is hooting in the evening usually in excitement to being fed.
I'm hoping someone might be interested in pairing her up or wanting to spend more time with her for education.
I have decided to use a different owl for my traveling venue sites. I will be willing to save you about four hours total drive time to pick her up. Sorry not interested in shipping her on airlines at this time. I might have a travel kennel for her if needed.
Text 803-221-6252 no scammers!
Very Tame Female Eagle Owl
Name:   Mark Moglich
Posted:   10/3/2023
Location:   Nevada
Phone:   7759016640
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   Nevada

"Alice"is a 3 1/2 year old Eagle owl whos been in Educational experiences since she was a baby. She's literally been handled in front of thousands of people. Can be petted anywhere very very tame. Will be a great Owl for kids and any educational experience! $4500
775 901 6640
Bob Berry Gyrkin
Name:   John Dahlke
Posted:   10/3/2023
Location:   Pinedale
Website:   http://www.gyrfalconranch.com
Phone:   13073606298
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   Wyoming

This is a 2016 hatch pure Gyrfalcon bred and raised by Bob Berry. He was flown for three years, starting out with a kite to over 1,000 feet then hunted on ducks. The last three years he has been in a breeding chamber with a falcon. Although he gets along fine with his mate, this bird did not go through the normal breeding behaviors. A different, experienced falcon could make a difference.

Well-mannered and hooded easily when he was flown. Flying weight was around 1,050 grams. The left nare was ripped years ago, but it does not affect the growth of the beak.

This information from Bob on his genetics: "He is pure Ungava Bay and descended from Jessica, my all-time favorite bird. (Jessica and her sister were) Taken by Frank Bond and me from Cape Dyer in 1975, the last great permitted expedition through The Peregrine Fund Your bird's mother is the daughter of Jessica's sister Fiona and was an excellent flyer with a great wingbeat. The sire is Billy, a great white male that Bill Cornatzer flew for years."

Prefer pickup in Pinedale, Wyoming or potentially meet in region for transfer. Shipping is available but involves a 4-hour drive each way to the Salt Lake City airport at an added cost.

Asking price is $3,500.