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This is a listing of Raptors available outside of USA, Canada and the UK.

American raptors for saleCanada raptors for saleUK raptors for sale

Goshawk x Red tail
Name:   Jacobo Quero
Posted:   4/25/2023
Location:   Madrid, Spain
Website:   https://www.facebook.com/jacobo.quero/
Phone:   +34 722791211
E-mail:   Email this seller

Available for this season a few gosh x red tail hybrids, just hatching this week. Some ones from albidus, others from finish. Birds are in Spain. +34 722791211. Jacobo. Greetings!
Taking orders 2022
Name:   Jasper Dujardin
Posted:   4/29/2022
Location:   Ieper
Phone:   +32472105445
E-mail:   Email this seller

Hi We have a breeding facility in Belgium with many species of birds of prey. We are breeding with: - Stellers eagles - Steppe eagles - Golden eagles - Bonelli eagles - White tailed eagles - Griffon vultures - Himalayan vultures - Cinereous vultures - Hooded vultures - Ruppels vultures - Augurbuzzards - African red necked buzzards - Red backed hawks .... and many more. Soon our own quarantaine station will be ready to ship worldwide. We already shipping to many counrtries all over the world. Feel free to email or have a chat to see what is possible. Best regards Jasper
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