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Birds of Prey for Sale in Canada

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American raptors for saleCanada raptors for saleUK raptors for sale
2019 Female Prairie Lanner
Name:   Kris Dietrich
Posted:   12/1/2020
Location:   Waterloo
Phone:   15195006698
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One year old imprinted female Prairir x Lanner falcon. $700 No time to fly her, need the chamber for a different bird. Pick-Up only.
birds for sale only in Canada !
Name:   Sam
Posted:   11/28/2020
Location:   Bowmanville Ont Canada
Website:   Ontariofalconrycentr.com
Phone:   647-986-6732
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2019 bald eagles 2 females. Trained and hunted. 4000$ each. Pair of breeding balds 7-9 years old. 9000$. 2 adult male balds. 2010. 5000$ each. 2019 gyr/peregrine female chamber bird. 2000$. 2020 gyr/peregrine female. Trained and lured imprint. 2500$ 2019 imprint GHO male. Trained and flys to fist. 1500$. 2014 snowie owl. Imprint trained. 3500$ I have a few others for sale so pls inquire on my surplus birds.
Hawks, Falcons, Eagles
Name:   Hoesterey, Friedhelm
Posted:   9/30/2020
Location:   Severn Bridge, Ontario/Canada
Website:   goldencreekbirdfarm.com
Phone:   (705) 689 - 9121
E-mail:   Email this seller

1,1 Golden Eagle, producing pair 2.2 Bald Eagle, young or adult 1,1 Harlans Redtailed Hawks with one 2019 offspring 0,1 Bubo Sibiricus, Sibirian Eagle owl 1,1 Spectacled owls, breeding pair 4,0 Tiercel 7/8 GyrxSaker Hybrids, 2 dark, 2 white
Name:   Jim C.
Posted:   9/24/2020
Location:   kawartha lakes
Phone:   705 457 8486
E-mail:   Email this seller

This is a Male Great horned...3 yrs of age. Would be best suited for a breeding program bird. Price is negotiable!! licensed falconers only please!! Call or email....ask for Jim.
2020 Male Harris Hawk
Name:   Scott Taylor
Posted:   9/2/2020
Location:   Edmonton, Alberta
Phone:   7807777665
E-mail:   Email this seller

July 15,2020 hatch. Male Harris Hawk, parent reared still in chamber. Ship date can be negotiated depending on buyers preference on rearing length. Parents are retired falconry birds. Shipped with in Canada to licensed falconers. Contact for more details.
Female Red-Tail Hawk for Sale
Name:   Carl Zaborski
Posted:   8/31/2020
Location:   Shelburne
Phone:   4167287387
E-mail:   Email this seller

8 year old Female Red-tail Hawk for sale. Chamber raised, hunted 5 out of her 8 years, lays eggs yearly but I have never attempted to breed. 1200 dollars.
Gyr/Saker breeding pair
Name:   Dave Ascott
Posted:   8/30/2020
Location:   Madoc. Ontario. Canada
Phone:   6134735039
E-mail:   Email this seller

2011 pair, female is a Saker from Golden Creek Bird Farm and the Tercel is a 7/8 Gyr/Saker from African Lion Safari I need their pen for another pair. $2000
Harris hawks
Name:   Shane V.
Posted:   6/13/2020
Location:   Nanaimo, B.C.
Phone:   1-250-323-3222
E-mail:   Email this seller

Taking orders for 2020 Harris hawks. Potentially 4. Due to hatch at the start of July. Will only sell to licensed falconers within Canada. Parents come from a strong line of hunting birds and are proven hunters themselves as well.
2020 white gyrxlanners
Name:   McGrath Birds
Posted:   5/2/2020
Phone:   17053135688
E-mail:   Email this seller

2020 white Gyrxlanner falcons for sale to licensed falconers. Contact for more information.
Name:   Alia
Posted:   4/20/2020
Location:   Quebec, Canada
E-mail:   Email this seller

Male GyrSaker for sale. Registration band indicates he is 7yrs old, free-lofted. Has one toe that was surgically removed, as he was given to us at the age of 3-4 years old in extreme poor condition but is now, and has been for the last few years fully recovered from his bumble foot and molted all broken feather's. He is checked by our veterinarian twice a year. Personal opinion: worked with him for a short time after his recovery finished, flies great around 850-890 grams - will not hesitate to jump at the glove or lure for food, not so great staying on the glove, but I feel that he is more Preferably suited as a breeding bird. free flying am not sure, we were given very little information about his training from the previous owner. Only accepting someone with experience and the patience to work with a high-tense bird. Must provide your falconers license. Can be picked up here at the center. Photo was taken in February when pulled out of his enclosure. Email if interested.
2020 harris hawks
Name:   McGrath Birds
Posted:   4/1/2020
Phone:   17053135688
E-mail:   Email this seller

Taking orders on 2020 harris hawks. All are bred from parents that have proven to be excellent hunters in the field, most with over 100 kills a season on a variety of quarry, but mostly cotton tails. Birds have not shown any genetic defects and come with a 45 day warranty related to disease and 1 year warranty related to genetic defects. Contact by phone or e mail for more information. We ship Canada wide to licensed falconers only.
Name:   Mario Tricoci
Posted:   2/9/2020
Location:   Tottenham Ontario
Phone:   647-884-5218
E-mail:   Email this seller

Taking orders for 2020 European Sparrowhawks call or email for details .
Surplus Saker Falcons
Name:   Hoesterey, F. & D.
Posted:   2/7/2020
Location:   Severn Bridge, ON
Website:   GCBF@goldencreekbirdfarm.com
Phone:   705-689-9121
E-mail:   Email this seller

1,1 pair 7/8 white Gyr x Saker, born 2019 0,1 female pure Saker, born 2018 1,1 pair pure Saker, born 2019, 0,2 female 7/8 Gyr x Saker, white, born 2019 1,1 pair Bald Eagle, 2018/2019 Please contact us for further info, thank's !
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