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Birds of Prey for Sale in Canada

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American raptors for saleCanada raptors for saleUK raptors for sale
2023 Harris hawks
Name:   Sam Trentadue
Posted:   7/19/2024
Phone:   6479866732
E-mail:   Email this seller

I have 3 2023 young in the chamber ready to go 2 males @600 2 females@800
2022 Male Harris Hawk
Name:   Gary Worley
Posted:   6/23/2024
Location:   Alberta
Phone:   7788784486
E-mail:   Email this seller

2022 Male Harris Hawk good potential breeder..
Retirement Give away !
Name:   Golden Creek Bird Farm
Posted:   6/13/2024
Location:   Severn Bridge, ON. Canada
Website:   goldencreekbirdfarm .com
Phone:   705-689-9121
E-mail:   Email this seller

3 pair Saker Falcons $ 500,-- ea. pair (no license) 2 pair of white Gyr x Saker Hybrids $ 500 ea, need Falconry license ! 3 female silver/cream 7/8 Gyrfalcons $ 1.000,-- ea
GYR's for sale
Name:   Sam Trentadue
Posted:   5/30/2024
Location:   bowmanville ontario
Phone:   6479866732
E-mail:   Email this seller

White Male imprint 5 years old -taken crows and seaguls from the car . 2500 Black Female parent reared -Maned and lure flown only 3000
Female Saker Falcon
Name:   Anthony Capuano
Posted:   5/21/2024
Location:   Cambridge, Ontario
Phone:   5196081256
E-mail:   Email this seller

5 year old imprint female. Has been trained for abatement. Would be an excellent breeding bird. Text for further information.
Male Gyrperegrine 50/50
Name:   Amy
Posted:   5/17/2024
Location:   Haliburton
Phone:   2899797193
E-mail:   Email this seller

2022 parent reared male gyrperegrine, flown in SK and entered on Hungarian partridge. Flies at 700g. Shipping available within Canada. $600 plus shipping if applicable.
Retiirement Sale
Name:   Golden Creek Bird Farm
Posted:   5/16/2024
Location:   Severn Bridge, ON
Website:   wwwGoldenCreek Bird Farm @gmail.com
Phone:   (705) 689 - 9121
E-mail:   Email this seller

Several Breeding pairs for Sale: white Gyr X white Saker = $ CAD 1000,-- pair (3) Saker Falcons = $ CAD 1000,-- " (2) Bald Eagles = $ CAD 8000,-- " (1) Young (2024) Northern Can. pure Gyrfalcons: Females $ 3.000,-- (dark grey, silver, light grey) Males $ 2.000,-- " " " + HST Sorry, USA inquiries for CITES reg. Falconers only!
2024 Peregrines
Name:   Carmelo C
Posted:   4/21/2024
Location:   Mississauga,Ontario
Phone:   416-936 1944
E-mail:   Email this seller

I will have peregrine falcons available for sale. Imprint or parent raised available. If you are interested send me an email or text . I can provide more information upon request. Located in Ontario Canada
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