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Name:   Daniel Tennyson
Posted:   1/7/2023
E-mail:   dantenny1@gmail.com
Location:   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

VHF Telemetry: (VHF 216Mhz) $425 takes all
$FREE - Merlin Micro xmitter (blue)(Unknown 216Mhz)
$150 - 3x Marshall Scout Transmitters (black & silver) (Unknown 216Mhz)
$218 - Field Marshall VHF Receiver FM1000 (216Mhz)
$75 - Merlin Sports Handheld Receiver (Blue) (200Mhz range digital programmable)
Posted:   8/19/2021
Website:   www.saeedsonsenterprises.com
Phone:   3072570825
E-mail:   info@saeedsosnenterprises.com
Location:   Karachi,Pakistan

Round Braided Jesses
Price : 8$ / 6.9€ / 5.9£ = per pair
▪️Made of Quality Thread
▪️Color: Black
▪️Eight strand
▪️Tightly Braided
▪️Round Knots at ends
We Have Three different sizes:
small = 6" inch
medium = 7" inch
large = 8" inch
For order or any inquires contact us 👇🏻
Whatsapp: +923072570825
Instagram: official_saeedsonsenterprises
Name:   Sabrina Fox
Posted:   8/11/2021
E-mail:   foxlurecompany@gmail.com
Location:   United States

High quality falconry lures. These lures are made with vegetable tanned leather, double machine stitched, filled with silicon and wax dipped. The shape and double swivel design allows for a free spinning lure excellent for lure stooping falcons. the pliable inner silicon makes for a softer lure if a falcon accidentally makes an in air hit. Lure lines contain a weight so that lure can be dropped if needed or if a falcon happens to bind to it and try to fly off the falcon will be thrown off balance and this causes the falcon to seek a landing. Shipping within the continental US is free and I will cover the first $15 of overseas shipping on all international orders. Lures come in 2 sizes. The standard size is 6 inches long and weighs an average of 90g while the small is 4.5 inches long and weighs an average of 60g. These are handmade so the weight will vary slightly. For more information please email foxlurecompany@gmail.com
Name:   Brittany Lusk
Posted:   8/4/2021
Phone:   (541)517-5276
E-mail:   Brittanyalusk@gmail.com
Location:   San Jose

Marshall Scout Transmitter
Name:   Brittany Lusk
Posted:   8/4/2021
Phone:   (541)517-5276
E-mail:   Brittanyalusk@gmail.com
Location:   San Jose

Marshall’s 216 Transmitter

Name:   Brittany Lusk
Posted:   8/4/2021
Phone:   (541)517-5276
E-mail:   Brittanyalusk@gmail.com
Location:   San Jose

Field Marshall Digital Tracking Receiver VHF 216
Nearly new. I also have transmitters.
Name:   Amber Laatz
Posted:   3/17/2021
Phone:   5865301322
E-mail:   amberlaatz@gmail.com
Location:   Michigan

We are no longer breeding falcons and are getting rid of some of the equipment.

I have a
TLC-50 Advance Brooder/Intensive Care Unit/Recovery Incubator with the TLC Advanced Humidity Pump available. It was used during the 2020 breeding season and is in like-new condition. In working order and sanitized.

I will ship with the continental US.

I would like to get I paid $980 for both I would like to get $750.00 OBO. You would be responsible for shipping charges.
Name:   Joe Atkinson
Posted:   3/8/2021
Website:   www.joeatkinsonseaglejournal.com
Phone:   5412160125
E-mail:   eagleman6904@gmail.com
Location:   Oregon USA

If you love falconry and like to read novels check out my new novel EAGLEMAN available thru Amazon no matter where you live in the world. Look for EAGLEMAN by Joe C. Atkinson. It's a great story I think, and I hope you enjoy it.
Name:   Saeed sons enterprises
Posted:   7/5/2020
Website:   www.saeedsonsenterprises.com
Phone:   +923072570825
E-mail:   info@saeedsosnenterprises.com
Location:   Karachi,Pakistan


We now offer a New quality hand made eight strand braided "Alymeri" Loop leash setup with extender, jesses, Sampo swivel.

Made of Quality Nylon Material. It's Super strong , durable and Weather resistent. Smooth touching.

All of our gear is tightly braided to keep your bird tangle free and to prevent snagged talons

The braided jesses prefectly fit through anklet grommets.

~Small (: Jesses & extender 5" long . leash 24").For Kestrel Merlin sizes birds.

~Medium : ( jesses & extender 7" long and leash 36″ long).Use for Peregrine/Gryfalcon/tercel Harris’ size raptors.

~Large : ( jesses & extender 8" long and leash 40″ long)Use for Red-tails/Gyrkin/female Goshawks/female Harris’ size raptors.
PRICE : 30$
Name:   Gene
Posted:   6/26/2020
E-mail:   BgKhunaBgr@aol.com
Location:   Va

I have an excellent condition Field Marshall 100 for sale that has been used a handful of times and works great. Covers all the 216 frequencies and comes with the Marshall cover case with carry strap.

Here's what Mike's Falconry has to say about it:

FM100 is a single band receiver with full size yagi antenna and we carry this is 216 Mhz frequency. The Field Marshall 100 offers 100 Khz and its range is 216.000 -216.099. And you can use up to 10 transmitters on this one band width of 216 Mhz.The Field Marshall 100 receiver does not rely on crystals to determine the frequencies it can find. The all digital circuit allows this receiver to pick up any channels in the available band width.This premium tracking receiver offers more sound volume from any position with speakers on top and bottom, a new ultra-compact heavy-duty case design featuring a "Quick-Release" handle, improved LED front lighting of the control panel for night tracking, improved water resistance for use in wet weather, and the latest generation of Marshall's exclusive collapsible yagi antenna.Also, unique to the Field Marshall is the addition of poyphase filters, our new noise floor reduction technology that reduces the background noise while increasing the effective range and tracking ease.

Brand new this sell's for $694 - Asking $550 with free insured shipping.

Contact me at BgKhunaBgr@aol.com
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