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Name:   Ilian Kirov
Phone:   00420603745302
E-mail:   i.kirov@quick.cz
Location:   Czech republic
I have breed F. Peregrinus Peals.
Name:   Aimee Pico
E-mail:   Birdsofprey1@aol.com
Location:   Michigan
American Kestrels
Harris Hawks

Name:   stephen field
E-mail:   stevedfield@gmail.com
Location:   Hampshire UK
Golden Eagles
Name:   Cedar Creek Raptors
Phone:   503 543 2433
E-mail:   CedarCreekRaptors@gmail.com
Location:   Oregon
Breeding healthy, beautiful: Eurasian Eagle owls, Aplomados, Eurasian Sparrow hawks, Gyr x Aplomado hybrids.
Name:   costa damien
Website:   www.lafermeauxpelerins.com
Phone:   0033622641864
E-mail:   daguet54@yahoo.fr
Location:   france
I breed peregrine falcon (peregrinus,scottish,peal,brookei)
goshawk,crested goshawk,sparrohawk,harris hawk,chilian eagle,secretary bird, owls.

Name:   Frank Duncan
Phone:   07825983845
E-mail:   Fduncan862@gmail.com
Location:   Edinburgh
I breed pure Finnish gosshawks and three quarter Finnish Russian all my breeding birds I have flown and hunted myself and are fine pheasant hawks. Imprints or parent reared.
Name:   Alyssa Collins
Phone:   9283102020
E-mail:   Airborneraptors@yahoo.com
Location:   Las Vegas, NV
We breed mainly hawks and falcons for abatement, falconry and show purposes.
Name:   Bernabé Gómez
E-mail:   bgmuch@movistar.es
Location:   Madrid, Spain
Only specialized in barbary falcons.
Yemen blood line. Atlas blood line.
Imprinted or parental breeding.
EU CITES registered.
Name:   HERTEL Philippe
Phone:   00 33 6 09 44 59 25
E-mail:   info@vollibre.fr
Location:   FRANCE
I breed different kind of birds of prey:
Peregrine falcon (scottish and Peals)
Eagles (Hieeraetus spylogaster and Geranoetus melanoleucus)...
Secretary bird (Sagittarius serpentarius)
hawk, black kite and Owl...
Name:   kevin picken
Phone:   07831 800042
E-mail:   kphawksnest37@hotmail.com
Location:   warwickshire england
pure finnish goshawks breed outa 2 females 1st female flying weight 2.lb 11.oz the other is 3.lb 2.oz at the end of the seasen both the males fly over 2.lb all the chicks normaly make very good weights and have proven them self`s in the field time after time .
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