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Name:   Jason Caldwell
Phone:   540-742-1591
E-mail:   jjcaldwell75@gmail.com
Location:   Berkeley Springs, WV
Barn Owls

Harris's Hawks
Name:   Ilian Kirov
Phone:   00420603745302
E-mail:   i.kirov@quick.cz
Location:   Czech republic
I have breed F. Peregrinus Peals.
Name:   Aimee Pico
E-mail:   Birdsofprey1@aol.com
Location:   Michigan
American Kestrels
Harris Hawks

Name:   stephen field
E-mail:   stevedfield@gmail.com
Location:   Hampshire UK
Golden Eagles
Name:   Cedar Creek Raptors
Phone:   503 543 2433
E-mail:   CedarCreekRaptors@gmail.com
Location:   Oregon
Breeding healthy, beautiful: Eurasian Eagle owls, Aplomados, Eurasian Sparrow hawks, Gyr x Aplomado hybrids.

Name:   costa damien
Website:   www.lafermeauxpelerins.com
Phone:   0033622641864
E-mail:   daguet54@yahoo.fr
Location:   france
I breed peregrine falcon (peregrinus,scottish,peal,brookei)
goshawk,crested goshawk,sparrohawk,harris hawk,chilian eagle,secretary bird, owls.
Name:   Frank Duncan
Phone:   07825983845
E-mail:   Fduncan862@gmail.com
Location:   Edinburgh
I breed pure Finnish gosshawks and three quarter Finnish Russian all my breeding birds I have flown and hunted myself and are fine pheasant hawks. Imprints or parent reared.
Name:   Alyssa Collins
Phone:   9283102020
E-mail:   Airborneraptors@yahoo.com
Location:   Las Vegas, NV
We breed mainly hawks and falcons for abatement, falconry and show purposes.
Name:   Bernabé Gómez
E-mail:   bgmuch@movistar.es
Location:   Madrid, Spain
Only specialized in barbary falcons.
Yemen blood line. Atlas blood line.
Imprinted or parental breeding.
EU CITES registered.
Name:   HERTEL Philippe
Phone:   00 33 6 09 44 59 25
E-mail:   info@vollibre.fr
Location:   FRANCE
I breed different kind of birds of prey:
Peregrine falcon (scottish and Peals)
Eagles (Hieeraetus spylogaster and Geranoetus melanoleucus)...
Secretary bird (Sagittarius serpentarius)
hawk, black kite and Owl...
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