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Name:   Bob Baumann
Phone:   (818) 991-4454
E-mail:   Bobbaumann33@yahoo.com
Location:   Southern Cal.
Top Pedigree Harris Hawks From the Best Quality Birds. Have been Breeding HH for 30 years
Name:   Aaron Jones
Phone:   (909) 289-5951
E-mail:   duckhawker@email.com
Location:   California
Finnish, North American, Siberian
Name:   Great Plains Peregrines & English Setter
Phone:   509-429-3371
E-mail:   gppes@nemont.net
Location:   Glasgow, Montana
RARE 4 way cross peregrines - peales, anatums, figian, macropis - OUTSTANDING GAME HAWKS - true parent raised young, a pleasure to handle & hunt
Name:   Thomas Ricardi
Phone:   413-3694072
Location:   Conway Ma.
Breeding Euro. Eagle Owls
Name:   Jon
E-mail:   jclarkson8719@gmail.com
Gyrfalcons—White, Silver, Grey, Dark and possibly Black
Peregrine Falcons—Peale’s and Anatum subspecies
Gyr x Peregrine Hybrid Falcons—Gyr x Peale’s and Gyr x Anatum
Saker Falcons
Harris’ Hawks
Goshawks—Both American and Finnish Goshawks.

Name:   Rich Laatz
Phone:   2489623733
E-mail:   rlaatz@yahoo.com
Location:   Michigan
Prairie falcons and Gyr/Prairie hybrids
Name:   Hoesterey,nFriedhelm & Dirk
Phone:   (705) 689-9121
E-mail:   friedhelm@goldencreekbirdfarm.com
Location:   Severn Bridge, Ontario/Canada
Breeder of: Gyrfalcons, Anatum Peregrine's, white Saker, Golden Eagles, Steppe Eagles(nipalensis) Harris Hawks, Euro Kestrels and owls
Name:   Tom Stala
Phone:   315-297-0823
E-mail:   tomstala@yahoo.com
Location:   Syracuse
I am a Eurasian Eagle Owl breeder. If interested, please call the number above. Will ship anywhere in the U.S. and no federal permit needed
Name:   Northern Wings Falconry & Education Center.
Phone:   5149528078
E-mail:   Info@NorthernWings.ca
Location:   Quebec, Canada
I Breed a pair of Harris Hawks and American Kestrels - have been used for education and hunting before. Both kestrel and Harris Parents are very well behaved and quiet birds.
Name:   Jason Caldwell
Phone:   540-742-1591
E-mail:   jjcaldwell75@gmail.com
Location:   Berkeley Springs, WV
Barn Owls

Harris's Hawks
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