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Name:   Steve Watson
Phone:   925-899-4876
E-mail:   Unihawker1@aol.com
Location:   Alamo, Ca. 94507
I have Harris hawks of both sex's available for sale to any place in the USA or around the world where falconry is legal. These are some of the finest blood lines available in the USA and all parent birds were chosen after being flow and found to be exceptional hunting hawks.
I have my US Fish and Wildlife export permit in place. CITES Permits are easy to get in this off season for quicker service to those living out side the U.S.
Costs are as follows in the lower 48 states, USA. One Hawk either sex, $700.00, one way box, $50.00, shipping and handling to airport, $150.00, vet fees if required by your state run for basic check up, no tests, for health certificate $150.00.
For transactions outside the USA, costs are as follows. One Hawk either sex, $700.00. CITES permits cost $100.00. Filing fee $108.00 per transaction up to 4 birds. Vet costs and tests vary depending on your countries requirements and can be quoted on a per bird basis. One compartment, one way travel box, $75.00 each with additional compartments up to four, for an additional $35.00 each. Shipping costs vary depending on location and size of container. USFWS inspection fee and delivery to San Francisco International Airport may vary, per transaction. Terms are half down by certified cashiers check or wired funds and balance in full due 21 days before departure date.
Serous buyers can call Steve Watson at 925-899-4876 or E-mail Unihawker1@aol.com

Name:   Jan Marek
Phone:   +420739344956
E-mail:   kerecen@volny.cz
Location:   The Czech Republic
Falcons Gyr x Peregrine, pure Gyrs
Name:   Nick
Phone:   (631)741-3585
E-mail:   nyserama@aol.com
Location:   Long Island NY
Barbary Falcons
Name:   thomas ricardi
Phone:   413-3694072
E-mail:   www.tricardi@gmail.com
breeding eagle owls this spring.
Name:   Winding Woods Ranch
Phone:   706-340-6643
E-mail:   petenclosuers@mindspring.com
Location:   Commerce G.A.
We raise eagle owls, White necked Ravens,Pied crows and Rooks.
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