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Name:STEVE LONGENECKER    -   user reviews
Posted:   10/14/2023
Phone:   8282303735
E-mail:   Email this poster
Location:   ASHEVILLE, NC
Need PEFA for educational programs. Had a tree fall on three mews back in April and am trying to restart.

Using my name, look for a larger notice on Facebook. Willing to have an old bird or nonreleasable one. Have FWS, NC permits
Name:Linda    -   user reviews
Posted:   9/26/2023
Phone:   6038512657
E-mail:   Email this poster
Location:   NH
Looking for non-releasable screech, saw whet, or kestrel for education. Hold federal and state permits. Member of Avian-behavior international and using choice based training techniques.
Name:Annie e mardiney    -   user reviews
Posted:   12/7/2021
Phone:   8459438098
E-mail:   Email this poster
Location:   NY
Looking for a female American barn owl, captive-bred or unreleasable, for education programs
Also looking for a female American kestrel, captive-bred or unreleasable, for education programs.
Have all the required permits. Upstate NY. Thanks.
Name:Mike Fauteaux    -   user reviews
Posted:   3/16/2021
Phone:   505 793-6120
E-mail:   Email this poster
Location:   Aztec New Mexico
Great Grey owl, golden eagle,bald eagle. I am a master falconer of over 45 years. Have all federal education permits including eagle exhibition permit.
Name:Jay    -   user reviews
Posted:   11/9/2020
Phone:   407-443-2635
E-mail:   Email this poster
Location:   Florida, USA
I am looking for a parent-reared, Aplomado tiercel.
Name:Laura Edmunds    -   user reviews
Posted:   9/13/2020
Phone:   8123403893
E-mail:   Email this poster
Location:   Nashville, Indiana, 1 hour due south of Indianapol
I am seeking one or two Northern Crested Caracaras.
Nonreleasable due to flight deficit ok if droop is not real bad. The younger the better if not imprinted.
Thirty years as Raptor rehabber, 28 years education, 25 years as falconer.
Thank you
Indiana Raptor Center
Brown Co, Indiana
812 340-3893
Name:Alexander Rees    -   user reviews
Posted:   7/8/2020
Phone:   6479804183
E-mail:   Email this poster
Location:   uxbridge ontario
Long-eared owl or a Blakiston's fish owl text or email
Name:randy Barker  Posted:   4/17/2020
Phone:   206-779-7240
Location:   going to Or
retired breaders was told by John Wolfe there was a Peales being retired and would love to get it for a friend that has maybe 2 years to live and wants to fly 1 more falcon he is 55 yr master and my best friend please call 1-541-3246918 Mike please hehp
Name:Dale Arrowood    -   user reviews
Posted:   3/22/2020
Phone:   404 408 8138
E-mail:   Email this poster
Location:   Sharpsburg Ga.
The name of my organization is winged ambassadors. we are looking for a great gray to add to our educational program. we are willing to take care of shipping expenses and any other charges that would be associated with the bird.We are also looking for another falcon to add to our program. any help would be appreciated.
Name:Kari Gabriel    -   user reviews
Posted:   2/19/2020
Phone:   406-249-7800
E-mail:   Email this poster
Location:   MT
Looking for a smaller non-releasable owl: pygmy, elf, saw-whet, burrowing, screech, etc., for education program.

I have the Montana FWP special purpose education permit, as well as the USFWS permit required for raptor education. I've been working with birds of prey since 1991, and handled and trained everything from pygmy owls up to Bald Eagles.
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