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Name:mark a manske    -   user reviews
Posted:   12/22/2017
Phone:   5185296331
E-mail:   Email this poster
Location:   Dickinson Center, NY 12930
I am looking for an imprinted Great Grey Owl for educational purposes.
Name:Suzanne Davis    -   user reviews
Posted:   2/12/2017
Phone:   754-214-3424
E-mail:   Email this poster
Location:   Ft Lauderdale, FL
I am in search of a Tawny Owl or a Spec Owl to use in my education program. Any information as to a breeder or available Chick would be appreciated. I am licensed in the state of FL to own them.
Name:Kin Quitugua/HawkQuest    -   user reviews
Posted:   10/26/2016
Phone:   303-690-6959
E-mail:   Email this poster
Location:   Colorado
Prairie Falcon, male or female. Great Gray Owl, male or female. Merlin Falcon.
Name:Chris Tolman    -   user reviews
Posted:   5/7/2016
Phone:   218-556-1826
E-mail:   Email this poster
Location:   Bemidji, MN
I am looking for a Bald Eagle for educational purposes.
Name:Chris S Cameron    -   user reviews
Posted:   3/9/2016
Phone:   18054419736
E-mail:   Email this poster
Location:   California
Wanted: Barn owl for education
Name:Constantin    -   user reviews
Posted:   2/5/2016
E-mail:   Email this poster
Location:   Germany
Hello, looking for Falco Peregrinus babys in special way or healty adults, in Europe even Unitated States if is possible to send, thank you
Name:Chris Cameron    -   user reviews
Posted:   1/26/2016
Phone:   805-441-9736
E-mail:   Email this poster
Location:   California, 93428
Red-tail, western screech owl, American kestrel
Name:Nancy J. Owen    -   user reviews
Posted:   5/29/2015
E-mail:   Email this poster
Location:   St. Helena Island, SC
Would like imprinted adult or young Barn Owl for federally and state licensed education program. We use only indigenous Owls and Bats in our program.
Name:Laura Steere    -   user reviews
Posted:   4/14/2015
Phone:   276-358-2378
E-mail:   Email this poster
Location:   Ridgeway, VA
Seeking unreleasable owl for educational program. Prefer visually appealing & perches well, glove trained; or baby. Flexible with species.
Friends of Infinity Acres is a 501-c3 Educational Non-profit & USDA licensed facility.
Will obtain permits as needed. Per VA, must apply for a specific owl only.
Alternatively, non-native species (Eurasian owl)
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