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Harris Hawks For Sale

Female Harris Hawk
Name:   Joseph Guastella
Date:   9/19/2021
Phone:   5702054368
E-mail:   Email this seller
Location:   Sweet Valley

Approximately 25 weeks old. As I started to lower her weight she became vocal. I do not want to deal with a vocal Harris Hawk. $400 if picked up....
Harris hawk (2021 and more)
Name:   Marie-Eve Castonguay
Date:   9/17/2021
Phone:   5147103610
E-mail:   Email this seller
Location:   Drummondville, Quebec

4 Harris Hawk - One 2021 ready in november - Breeding couple (can be sold separatly). Female and male 11 years old. They did bird abatement. - Fe...
2021 Male Harris's Hawk for sale
Name:   Jason Caldwell
Date:   9/6/2021
Phone:   5407421591
E-mail:   Email this seller
Location:   Berkeley Springs

Male Harris's Hawk for sale. Approximately 20 weeks old. Chamber raised with siblings. Ready to train for game hawking. $700 includes DNA sex certi...
Female Harris’s for sale
Name:   Jason Caldwell
Date:   9/6/2021
Phone:   540-742-1591
E-mail:   Email this seller
Location:   Berkeley Springs

Five year old female Harris's for sale. Not an imprint but pulled at 10 weeks. Does not scream at all. Great on rabbits but has to fly solo. Would...
Female barn owl
Name:   shiva ki
Date:   9/4/2021
Phone:   2253567274
E-mail:   Email this seller
Location:   Baton Rouge

Less than one year old; Looking for female Harris; Older bird OK....
17 week old Harris Hawks available
Name:   Gino morrialle
Date:   8/14/2021
Phone:   760 956 0466
E-mail:   Email this seller
Location:   Lake Arrowhead

I have 17 week old female Harris Hawk available and two other females that were born June 2nd and June 3rd these birds are all from different Bloodlin...
Male Hunting Harris Hawk For Sale
Name:   junes
Date:   6/7/2021
Phone:   7441413131
E-mail:   Email this seller
Location:   Hertford

Taking deposits for 2021 Harrises male and female available Bred from small pair previous youngsters being flown at Females 113oz male 1lb3oz on...
F1 Harris Hawks
Name:   Salvaducci sanPaolo
Date:   6/29/2018
Phone:   530-518-4634
E-mail:   Email this seller
Location:   Oroville

F1 harris hawks. Chambered raised for 16 week. Live quail fed. Parents passage hawks from Arizona and Texas.I have both sex available.They will be r...

Harris Hawk

The Harris's Hawk or Harris Hawk, Parabuteo unicinctus, formerly known as the Bay-winged Hawk or Dusky Hawk, is a medium-large bird of prey which breeds from the southwestern USA south to Chile and central Argentina. Birds are frequently reported at large in Western Europe, especially Britain, but it is a popular species in the falconry trade and these records almost certainly all refer to escapes from captivity.

Individuals range in length from 46 to 76 cm and generally have a wingspan of 1.1m. In the United States, the average weight for males is about 710g, while the female average is 1020g. This is a sexual dimorphism of about 40%, with the female being larger than the male. They have dark brown plumage with chestnut shoulders, wing linings, and thighs, white on the base a tip of the tail, long, yellow legs and a yellow cere. The vocalizations of the Harris's hawk are very harsh sounds.

The juveniles are similar to the adults but are more streaked, and when in flight the undersides of the wings are buff-colored with brown streaking.
Pictures of Harris Hawks
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Harris' Hawk with 2 Garter Snakes she caught that day.Harris' Hawk with 2 Garter Snakes she caught that day.