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Goshawks for Sale

The Goshawk (goose-hawk) Accipiter gentilis, is a medium-large bird of prey in the family Accipitridae, which also includes other diurnal raptors, such as eagles, buzzards and harriers.

It is a widespread species that inhabits the temperate parts of the northern hemisphere. In North America, it is called the Northern Goshawk. It is mainly resident, but birds from colder regions of north Asia and Canada migrate south for the winter.

The Northern Goshawk is the largest member of the genus Accipiter. It is a raptor with short broad wings and a long tail, both adaptations to maneuvering through trees in the forests it lives and nests in. The male is blue-grey above and barred grey below, 49-57 cm (19"-22") long with a 93-105 cm (37"-41") wingspan. The much larger female is 58-64 cm (23"-25") long with a 108-127 cm (42"-50") wingspan, slate grey above grey below. Males of the smaller races can weigh as little as 630 grams (1.4 pounds), whereas females of the larger races can weigh as much as 2 kg (4.4 lbs). The juvenile is brown above and barred brown below. The flight is a characteristic "five slow flaps - straight glide".

In Eurasia, the male is sometimes confused with a female Sparrow hawk, but is larger, much bulkier and has relatively longer wings. In North America, juveniles are sometimes confused for the smaller Sharp-shinned Hawks and Cooper's Hawks, but the size again is a distinctive feature of the goshawk.
3/4 Albidus 1/4 Fin Goshawk Finish
Name:   Andy McBride
Date:   6/21/2022
Website:   none
Phone:   916-926-8916
E-mail:   Email this seller
Location:   Lincoln

One female Goshawk left, She is 3/4 Albidus 1/4 Finish with both parents being flown durning the season she hatched under mom June 10th and is still w...
Female pure Siberian goshawk
Name:   Mike Fauteaux
Date:   5/12/2022
Phone:   5057936120
E-mail:   Email this seller
Location:   Aztec

3 year old female Siberian goshawk for sale $4500. This bird catches both fur and feather....
Pure East Ural Buteoides Goshawks
Name:   Joel Knutson/Jeff Rossey
Date:   2/11/2022
Website:   https://northerngoshawks.mypixieset.com/
Phone:   509-279-4969
E-mail:   Email this seller
We are taking deposits for the only pure East Ural Buteoides Goshawks produced in the country. These goshawks are the largest, most powerfully-built g...


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