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Name:   Waqar Ahmed
Posted:   11/6/2012
Website:   www.starlinguk.com
Phone:   923219619690
E-mail:   info@starlinguk.com
Location:   Pakistan

We are manufacturers of Falconry Gloves , Blocks , Lures , Bells , Swivals etc.
Name:   simon ashley
Posted:   6/9/2012
Phone:   07794106509
E-mail:   sm.ashley@live.co.uk
Location:   United Kingdom / norfolk

Prime Quail for sale; they are 5 weeks old weighing 160-220g. They can either be bought fresh within Norfolk area or as frozen outside Norfolk (posting costs will apply). Sold individually at 85p per bird. These birds are fed on Vitamin E enhanced food and allowed to fly free.
Name:   Altawash Falconry Supplies and Equipment
Posted:   6/6/2012
Website:   www.altawashonline.com
Phone:   +447853870182
E-mail:   john.robert@altawashonline.com
Location:   United Kingdom

Altawash Ornamentals Falconry Supplies and Equipment, supplier of all sorts of Falconry Goods, accessories and products, for example; LEATHER GLOVES, LEATHER HOODS, BELLS for falcons, Hawking bags, Cordura, Rabbit Lure, Tail Pieces, Blocks, Perches and all falcon training equipment.
Name:   jimmy
Posted:   7/2/2011
E-mail:   gymboexp2@aol.com
Location:   pittsfield

New Zealand white rabbits bite size and up! 413-770-1654
Name:   Joe Atkinson
Posted:   10/22/2010
Website:   www.joeatkinsonseaglejournal.com
Phone:   541-473-2841
E-mail:   highdesert@fmtcblue.com
Location:   Oregon

eagle falconry in the US, DVD's and eagle hunting stories www.joeatkinsonseaglejournal.com

Name:   Rick Henninger
Posted:   9/9/2010
Phone:   319-961-3072
E-mail:   sparkle@myclearwave.net
Location:   Iowa

I have several Jumbo Brown Coturnix Quail for feeder quail. They are between 10 and 13 ounces for $1.40 plus shipping. They are raised on wire. please call 319-961-3072.
Name:   Eric Hausman
Posted:   7/23/2010
Phone:   828-552-2427
E-mail:   eric@hotsake.tv
Location:   Weaverville, N.C.

Custom Giant hoods with beautiful hard wood inlays. Basic box with minimal trim work start @ $200.00. Hope to add more pics soon. Will build to your specs. Sincerely, Eric
Posted:   5/11/2010
Website:   http://www.facebook.com/Faiz Muhammad Khan
Phone:   +92 21 35652280
E-mail:   falconkpk@yahoo.com
Location:   Karachi,Pakistan

SUFI SONS establish 1948 Manufacturer of falconry hunting equipments
Name:   Kitty Carroll
Posted:   3/10/2010
Website:   www.birdsofprey.net
Phone:   386 776-1960
E-mail:   Hawkmom74@birdsofprey.net
Location:   Florida

Raptor ID tags for all sized raptors. Tag information: (circle size desired). Tags come in the choice of two sizes:

Medium (for raptors over 500 grams) (approx. 2 inch by ½ inch in size).

Small: (For raptors under 500 grams) (approx. 1 inch by ¼ inch in size).

Color is yellow with black lettering.

Please provide the following information for the tag. Sample: Format: Reward

(Recommended: Home phone on one side, cell phone on the other).

Please provide home and cell numbers with area code.

Home number: _______________________________

Cell number: __________________________________

Name:   g.duncalf
Posted:   2/27/2010
E-mail:   georgeraptorre@aol.com
Location:   Cambridgeshire UK

I have some semen extender in 10ml rubber sealed vials.
They are £5 a vial plus £3 P&P first class recorded delivery..
The rubber seal means you can reuse this vial until empty.
email me at georgeraptorre@aol.com
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