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Bald Eagle For Sale

Hawks, Falcons, Eagles
Name:   Hoesterey, Friedhelm
Date:   9/30/2020
Website:   goldencreekbirdfarm.com
Phone:   (705) 689 - 9121
E-mail:   Email this seller
Location:   Severn Bridge, Ontario/Canada

1,1 Golden Eagle, producing pair 2.2 Bald Eagle, young or adult 1,1 Harlans Redtailed Hawks with one 2019 offspring 0,1 Bubo Sibiricus, Sibirian Ea...
2020 birds.
Name:   Sam
Date:   4/4/2020
Website:   Ontariofalconrycentre.com
Phone:   647-986-6732
E-mail:   Email this seller
Location:   Bowmemville

Harris hawks Red tail hawks. Great horned owls Gyr-peregrines Gyr-askers Gyr-peregrine-askers Gos-Harris Kestrels Bald eagles Taking...
Surplus Saker Falcons
Name:   Hoesterey, F. & D.
Date:   2/7/2020
Website:   GCBF@goldencreekbirdfarm.com
Phone:   705-689-9121
E-mail:   Email this seller
Location:   Severn Bridge, ON

1,1 pair 7/8 white Gyr x Saker, born 2019 0,1 female pure Saker, born 2018 1,1 pair pure Saker, born 2019, 0,2 female 7/8 Gyr x Saker, white, born...
Eagles for Sale
Name:   "Golden Creek" Bird Farm
Date:   9/26/2019
Phone:   705-689-9121
1,1 breeding pair Golden Eagles (producing) 1,o male Bald Eagle, born 2019 2,0 male black Redtailed Hawks (harlans) 2019 1,1 pair Eastern Redtailed...
Bald Eagle The Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) is a bird of prey found in North America that is most recognizable as the national bird and symbol of the United States of America. This sea eagle has two known sub-species and forms a species pair with the White-tailed Eagle. Its range includes most of Canada and Alaska, all of the contiguous United States and northern Mexico. It is found near large bodies of open water with an abundant food supply and old-growth trees for nesting.

The plumage of an adult Bald Eagle is evenly brown with a white head and tail. The tail is moderately long and slightly wedge-shaped. Males and females are identical in plumage coloration, however females display reverse sexual dimorphism and are 25 percent larger than males. The beak, feet, and irises are bright yellow. The legs are unfeathered, and the toes are short and powerful with large talons. The highly developed talon of the hind toe is used to pierce the vital areas of prey while it is held immobile by the front toes. The beak is large and hooked, with a yellow cere.

The plumage of the immature is brown, speckled with white until the fifth (rarely fourth, very rarely third) year, when it reaches sexual maturity. Immature Bald Eagles are distinguishable from the Golden Eagle in that the former has a more protruding head with a larger bill, straighter edged wings which are held flat (not slightly raised) and with a stiffer wing beat, and feathers which do not completely cover the legs. Also, the immature Bald Eagle has more light feathers in the upper arm area, especially around the very top of the arm.

Juvenile, on sand.Body length ranges from 71-106 centimeters (28-42 in). Adult females have a wingspan of up to 2.44 m (96 in), while adult males may be as small as 1.68 m (69 in). Adult females weigh approximately 5.8 kg (12.8 lb), males weigh 4.1 kg (9 lb). The size of the bird varies by location; the smallest specimens are those from Florida, where an adult male may barely exceed 2.3 kg (5 lb) and a wingspan of 1.8 m (6 ft). The largest are Alaskan birds, where large females may exceed 7.5 kg (16.5 lb) and have a wingspan of over 2.4 m (8 ft).
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