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2012 Peregrine

2012 Peregrine
Name:   Nick Morris
Date:   8/29/2022
Phone:   402-720-0459
Email:   Email this seller
Location:   Fremont,

Female Peregrine

2012 Peregrine 1/2 peales 1/2 anatum parent raised out of Danny Estgaard's breeding program.

I flew her as a falconry bird and she was phenomenal her first year, took a mallard duck on her fist flight and many more along with some pheasant from great pitches, all strikes without binding to prey. Second year became a bit more utilitarian with pitches in the 300 foot range being average but will certainly do the job. She flies nicely at 950g-1000g very aggressive, quiet unless it's breeding season and she sees you. Will fly to drone or kite and has worked with pigeons a lot.

I attempted to breed her, laid 7 infertile eggs 1st year, no eggs second year, and 8 infertile eggs this year after I removed the tiercel. She was kinda mean to the tiercel but they talked constantly made scrapes, just nothing fertile. I'm not interested in breeding any longer. She could be a nice falconry bird or a possible breeder for someone else. I'd continue to fly her but I'm too tied up being a hockey coach for my kids at the moment. $1500 plus shipping cost if not picked up.


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