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RNS x Barbary Pair

RNS x Barbary Pair
Name:   chase delles
Date:   8/22/2022
Phone:   6512699192
Email:   Email this seller
Location:   ABILENE,

Barbary/RNS pair

Female Barbary, 2010 Hatch

Chamber raised. Since coming to my project she has been paired with 2 different males. First male was a pure Barbary and he never courted or copulated with her. She did lay eggs 2 years in a row in the chamber with non breeding tiercel. Re-paired last fall with a male RNS. They laid 3 eggs this spring. Checked eggs at 11 days and showed fertile on egg buddy monitor.

This female has laid the last 3 years in a row. I am getting out of breeding and the male RNS is going back to his owner splitting this pair.

Male 50/50 RNS X Barbary, 2015 Hatch

Chamber Raised. Produced by Brad Felger. Was flown as an abatement bird for a few seasons before I purchased him for breeding. Paired with a female barbary last fall. Courted like crazy this spring, but the female had no interest. He calls, food passes, and builds a scrape. If paired with a ready female he should be an immediate breeder. In his prime at only 7 years old.

This is a pair I have thought about keeping. I just don't have the ability to be around during the breeding season. I am very sure they will produce fertile eggs next spring. I would suggest the new breeder pulls the eggs for artificial incubation to better control the outcome. Female has never been double clutched and should have a few more breeding seasons left.

$6000 For the pair

Can be picked up in Abilene, TX or shipped via Delta. Shipping is $450 for both birds.

Cell 651-269-9192, or email skypredatorsabatement@gmail.com

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