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2016 Male Lanner Falcon

2016 Male Lanner Falcon
Name:   Chase Delles
Date:   7/5/2022
Website:   www.skypredators.com
Phone:   6512699192
Email:   Email this seller
Location:   Abilene,

2016 Male Lanner Falcon

Produced by Stuart Rossell in 2016. Going on 6 years old, Chamber raised. Been flown to the lure for abatement for the last 5 years. Last flown on a job 3/16/2022 - 5/1/22. Usually used for Cherry orchard work during summers. Lure flown only, not trained to take a pitch or gamehawked. Currently on the block for the molt.

I have enough birds for my current contracts and am starting to weed out some of my excess birds. He is extremely loyal and you couldn't lose him if you tried. He tends to stay closer than I like in my abatement birds and will land if he gets bored and you don’t produce the lure for a pass. Extremely easy to handle and hoods great.

Could be used for shows, abatement, or breeding. He is fully mature and could be paired with a female right away.

Non MBTA bird. No federal permits required. Prefer he goes to someone with previous raptor handling experience.

$3,000 picked up in Abilene, Texas. $3,300 shipped via delta.

Cell 651-269-9192, email skypredatorsbirdabatement@gmail.com

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