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2021 Harris Hawks

2021 Harris Hawks
Name:   Chase Delles
Date:   9/24/2021
Phone:   6512699192
Email:   Email this seller
Location:   Abilene,

I produced these birds in my breeding project in Texas. Hatched 5/17/21. 19 weeks old on Monday 9/27. Chamber raised. Mother was produced by Jimmy Thompkins (Outlaw HH's) in Georgia. Father was produced by Tom and Jen Coulson in Lousiana. Both were very good falconry birds before going into the breeding chamber.

These birds have never seen a human other than at banding and today when I took pics. Completely raised by parents in one of my eagle breeding chambers. 24' wide x 42' long x 12' high. 3/4 open-wire roof for plenty of rain, sun, natural vegetation, and live trees growing in the chamber. About as close as possible to a passage bird as I can get in captivity. Should be completely silent birds, with zero human association when pulled.

1 male and 1 female are available. $1000 each picked up in Abilene, Texas. $1250 shipped via delta.

*Must be a licensed falconer to purchase any MBTA raptor*

Cell 651-269-9192, email skypredatorsbirdabatement@gmail.com

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