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2020 Male Peregrine

2020 Male Peregrine
Name:   Chase Delles
Date:   9/7/2021
Phone:   6512699192
Email:   Email this seller
Location:   Abilene,

I produced this bird in my breeding project in 2020. Chamber raised. Mother wild taken Anatum from Washington. Father 1/2 Anatum x 1/2 Peals produced by Ed Pitcher.

I trained him last fall and flew him for abatement this summer. Only in cherry orchards this spring/summer. Not trained to take a pitch. Never bagged on pigeons, only lure flown. Easy to handle and hood. 570-580g summer fly weight.

He just isn't making the cut in my program. Lots of places to land in cherry orchards and lack of visibility. He will land on buildings/poles if convenient. I have enough birds for my company so it is time to go to a new home. Moulting out now.

May be abatement bird for the right person/areas. Or possible as a falconry bird for someone willing to drone/toss pigeons.

Priced cheap as a project bird. $600 picked up in Abilene, Texas. $900 shipped via delta.

Cell 651-269-9192, email skypredatorsbirdabatement@gmail.com

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