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American raptors for sale
Canada raptors for sale
UK raptors for sale
Name:   JOE
Posted:   6/14/2018
Location:   MONROVIA
Phone:   623-570-6655
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   Maryland

2 MALE 2018 Eurasian Eagle owlets for sale, $3000.
Approximately 35days old as of this ad posting.

I am located in Arizona, but I'm listing these chicks for my friend, who is the actual breeder. I am fielding calls and emails for him, as he does not have the time, and a limited ability to do so. Serious buyers will be put in direct contact with him immediately.

Chicks are incubator hatched, and hand reared from day 1 with their siblings. (creche reared)
They are raised with lots of "TLC", and human interaction, in the house and underfoot, so they
are very well socialized with BOTH, owls and humans.

This line has produced some large sized birds, when compared to others for sale in the country. Many references as to the excellent quality of this EEO line are available.

The parents of these chicks have produced many excellent education birds which are calm,
steady on the glove, non-aggressive, and not shy.
Siblings have been placed with education facilities, educators, falconers, zoos, and breeding facilities nationwide.

One of these chicks siblings, Roxy (same parents, previous clutch), has become a great hunting bird, thanks to an innovative falconer in Kansas. Putting to rest the archaic mentality of "Owls are too lazy to be used in falconry".
Roxy caught over 70 jackrabbits in her first 2 years. She has well surpassed that number now, and has over 300 catches!
Roxy has been featured in "American Falconry" magazine, Volume 68, "Hunting Blacktail
jackrabbits with the Eurasian eagle owl, by Titus Plomaritus", and a DVD called “Birds Of Prey,
Night Hunters”.
I have personally been on hunts with Roxy, and she is an absolutely amazing hunter.
Definitely "Something a little different". Get a copy of the article and check out Roxy's story,
and the possibility of actually hunting with an EEO.
https://www.americanfalconry.com/order_back_issues.html (volume #68)

Price is $3000. Price includes 1 MALE EEO chick, vet/health cert, and DNA cert.
Buyer will pay (additional) for shipping and crate. Crate is $50, Shipping via Delta Airlines ONLY (roughly $200)

Pick up in Maryland (zip 21770) is welcome. Can also work out driving a reasonable distance to
meet up.

Serious inquiries only, and please have solid knowledge of EEO's, their care and requirements.
Knowing and obeying your local and state laws regarding owning an EEO is your responsibility.

That being said, please contact me if you have ANY questions, or would like to find out more.

Contact me via email, or call Joe 623-570-6655 (AZ) If I dont answer, please leave a message
and I will call you back ASAP. Phone calls preferred.
Thanks for looking!
1 year old Eurasian Eagle Owl
Name:   animalactorsaolcom
Posted:   6/8/2018
Location:   Atlanta
Phone:   310-990-3538
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   Georgia

Athena is located in Newnan, GA, about 40minutes from the Atlanta airport. Please call for more info.

Price: $3,500
Name:   Aaron
Posted:   6/6/2018
Location:   Apple Valley
Phone:   (909) 289-5951
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   California

North American and north American/Finish goshawks
Taking deposits - Eurasian Eagle Owls
Name:   Tanya
Posted:   5/9/2018
Phone:   716-652-8646
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   New York

Eurasian Eagle Owls are on their 2nd clutch of eggs now. Taking deposits on owlets.
Great education birds, no federal permit required. We do require previous raptor experience to acquire an owlet.
$3,800 + crate & shipping cost
*Photo is of current owlets from first clutch
1 year old female Eagle Owl for sale
Name:   Cash Morgan
Posted:   4/16/2018
Location:   Atlanta
Website:   Topdogk9camp.com
Phone:   770 716 6500
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   Georgia

Eagle Owl “Athena” is a beautiful one year old imprint. She weighs 2700 grams or slightly over 6lbs asking 5,000 for her.professional and serious inquires only.

Eurasian Eagle Owlets
Name:   Hawk Creek
Posted:   4/3/2018
Location:   East Aurora
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   New York

Taking deposits on Eurasian Eagle Owlets, hatching now! Limited chicks available. $3,800 + crate and shipping or pick up.
No permit needed but raptor experience is required.
*photo is owlet from 2017
*Please e-mail for availability
Barn Owl chicks available now!
Name:   Hawk Creek
Posted:   3/26/2018
Location:   East Aurora
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   New York

American Barn Owl chicks available now (less than 30 days old). Currently being handraised. $500 + crate and shipping costs. DNA sexing available for +$20.

*Must have necessary state and federal permits!

*photo is of a previous year chick*

Also accepting deposits for next clutch of Barn Owls and Eurasian Eagle Owls (Eagle Owls - $3,800 + crate/shipping)
Eurasian Eagle Owl Chicks
Name:   Tom Stala
Posted:   3/22/2018
Location:   Syracuse
Phone:   315-297-0823
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   New York

Still taking orders for spring of 2018 hatch of hand raised Eurasian eagle owl chicks. No federal permit needed to keep one of these birds. Will ship anywhere in the United States. Great for educational purposes as well. Contact me for more information.
Eurasian Eagle Owls for sale
Name:   Daniel
Posted:   2/15/2018
Location:   Commerce
Website:   DanielWalthers.com
Phone:   706 340 6643
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   Georgia

(1) 4 year old seasoned program male

(1) Female that will be 1 year old this coming Spring. She’s nice sized - very large & will fly to the glove. Just started training so she’s a clean slate.

Call Daniel for additional questions &/or pictures.
3yr Saker Falcon
Name:   Tracy Oliver
Posted:   1/25/2018
Location:   Newnan, GA
Phone:   310-990-3538
E-mail:   Email this seller
State:   Georgia

Saker falcon, 3year old imprint, extra light color, comes complete with anklets and jesses.
$3,000 OBO