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American raptors for saleCanada raptors for saleUK raptors for sale
Harris Hawks
Name:   Golden Creek Bird Farm
Posted:   10/28/2018
Location:   Severn Bridge, ON
Website:   goldencreekbirdfarm.com
Phone:   (705) 689 - 9121
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3 manned female Harris Hawks = $ CAD 950,-- ea. 1 male untrained " " = $ CAD 750,-- 1 female Saker Falcon (2017) = $ CAD 900,-- 1 female Euro Kestrel (2018) = $ CAD 500,-- 1,1 guar.breeding pairGolden Eagle = $ CAD18,000,--
Downsizing because of car accident!
Name:   Hoesterey,nFriedhelm & Dirk
Posted:   7/29/2018
Location:   Severn Bridge, Ontario/Canada
Phone:   (705) 689-9121
E-mail:   Email this seller

1,1 breeding pair Golden Eagle 2,2 breeding pairs of Gyrfalcons 2,5 young Gyr x Saker Hybrids, light & dark 1,3 Himalaya Saker (hendersonii) almost white We ship, or please ask to arrange pick-up !
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