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Birds of Prey for Sale in Canada

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American raptors for saleCanada raptors for saleUK raptors for sale
2019 f gyr/saker for sale
Name:   Andrew Wernaart
Posted:   4/26/2021
Location:   ontario
E-mail:   Email this seller

F gyr/saker for sale has hunted one season and done some bird abatement. asking $1,500.00 any more info please email
Harris hawk
Name:   Marie-Eve Castonguay
Posted:   4/23/2021
Location:   Drummondville, Quebec
E-mail:   Email this seller

4 HH available separately or in pairs 10 and 15 years old female 8 and 10 years old male Good bird that have been flown for birdcontrol. Both pairs have fertile eggs and one pair (10 year old male and 15 year old female). Here is one of their offspring on this photo. She is a really good hunter. Unfortunately they must leave before next fall Contact me for more information
Male Finnish Goshawk
Name:   Kris Dietrich
Posted:   4/17/2021
Location:   Waterloo
Phone:   5195006698
E-mail:   Email this seller

2019. Male Finnish Goshawk Hunted 2 seasons, hunts at 800g Licensed Falconers only, pick-up only. $2,000.00
Harris Hawk
Name:   "Golden Creek" Bird Farm
Posted:   4/14/2021
Location:   Severn Bridge, Ontario
Website:   www.@goldencreekbirdfarm.com
Phone:   (705) 689 - 9121
E-mail:   Email this seller

3 young male Harris Hawks, born Sept. 2020 parent reared, $ CAD 600,-- ea. 2.2 pair Bald Eagle, 5 years old, $ CAD 8.000,-- ea. pair Farm pick-up only !
Name:   Mario Tricoci
Posted:   4/10/2021
Location:   Tottenham
Phone:   647-884-5218
E-mail:   Email this seller

Taking orders for a limited number of pure Finnish Goshawks for this year .
Turkey Vulture
Name:   Gary
Posted:   4/1/2021
Location:   British Columbia
Phone:   778-878-4486
E-mail:   Email this seller

Gonzo Was bred by African Lion Safiri and he is 5 years old. Used for presentations. Please email me for further details I’m looking for a Imprinted female peregrines Thank you
Harris Hawk Female for sale
Name:   Scott Taylor
Posted:   3/21/2021
Location:   Alberta
Phone:   (780)777-7665

This Harris Hawk hatched December 26 2020. She is parent reared, and currently still in the chamber with the parents. Both parents were successful abatement birds. If interested please contact Scott for price.
Harris Hawk breeders for sale
Name:   Scott Taylor
Posted:   3/21/2021
Location:   Alberta
Phone:   (780)777-7665
E-mail:   Email this seller

Proven breeding pair. Both are retired abatement birds. Female hatched in 1999 and the male in 2005. Both are great parents and happy to provide multiple clutches per year. To date, this pair has raised a number of young, all of which have become successful falconry birds. Accepting offers now.
2021 birds for sale
Name:   sam
Posted:   2/20/2021
Location:   bowmanville
Website:   www.ontariofalconrycentre.com
Phone:   647-986-6732
E-mail:   Email this seller

Bald eagles ,harris hawks,red tail hawks,kestrels ,gyr/peregrines,peregrines,gos/harris,great horned owls,snowies owls,great grey owls, Canada sales only ! Amirecans pick up only!
Eagles, Falcons, Hawks and Owls
Name:   Golden Creek Bird Farm
Posted:   2/7/2021
Location:   Severn Bridge,ON
Phone:   (705) 689-9121
E-mail:   Email this seller

We offer for 2021 Bald Eagle, young or breeding pair, Golden Eagle, young or breeding pair, Steppe Eagle, young birds, Gyrfalcons, Anatum Peregrine's Saker, EU Kestrel Little owl, great Horned Owl, Sibirian Eagle owl, white-faced scops, Spectacled owl. For USA CITES reg. parties only !
birds for sale only in Canada !
Name:   Sam
Posted:   11/28/2020
Location:   Bowmanville Ont Canada
Website:   Ontariofalconrycentr.com
Phone:   647-986-6732
E-mail:   Email this seller

2019 bald eagles 2 females. Trained and hunted. 4000$ each. Pair of breeding balds 7-9 years old. 9000$. 2 adult male balds. 2010. 5000$ each. 2019 gyr/peregrine female chamber bird. 2000$. 2020 gyr/peregrine female. Trained and lured imprint. 2500$ 2019 imprint GHO male. Trained and flys to fist. 1500$. 2014 snowie owl. Imprint trained. 3500$ I have a few others for sale so pls inquire on my surplus birds.
Name:   Jim C.
Posted:   9/24/2020
Location:   kawartha lakes
Phone:   705 457 8486
E-mail:   Email this seller

This is a Male Great horned...3 yrs of age. Would be best suited for a breeding program bird. Price is negotiable!! licensed falconers only please!! Call or email....ask for Jim.
2020 white gyrxlanners
Name:   McGrath Birds
Posted:   5/2/2020
Phone:   17053135688
E-mail:   Email this seller

2020 white Gyrxlanner falcons for sale to licensed falconers. Contact for more information.
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